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'Perma culture' is a combination of the Latin words permanens, 'lasting', and cultura, 'house hold'.

De Torteltuin a housing cooperative in Amsterdam organised around the principles of permaculture, adapted to the social and urban domain.

Een persistent household, that is de Torteltuin. A group of people that unites in a housing cooperative, because they believe in what they want to achieve. We believe in the housing cooperative as the future of the city.

De Torteltuin is the future of living in the city. This future is not one of pollution through concrete, anonomius high-rises and speculative investores. No, the new houses of the city are sustainable, social and affordable. These three pillars are delivered by de Torteltuin in practise through the thinking of 'permaculture'. This stands for the ability to think with the natural tendency of a system, instead of against it. Complex eco systems are the example for the design of a humane living environment in a way that is ecologically sustainable and economically stable.

(Foto Ina Klamer)
Permaculture for the city

The theory of permaculture is created in reaction to problems that are inherent to mono culture. In agriculture environments where only one crop is planted, natural resources are quickly used up and diseases are unstoppable, sot that artificial actions are needed in order to keep the crops alive. On the contrary permaculture systems are very diverse, where the natural characteristics of every element are used to keep the eco system fertile. Artificial fertilisers or pesticides ar not needed, so that the system can keep protecting itself against diseases and changes of the environment. A permaculture is self-reliant. So with time only little external human labour is needed.

De Torteltuin is bringing permaculture to the urban environment. Also de Torteltuin is not homogenous, but divers. Crossovers are forming an essential part of the community. We are using the natural power from the surroundings as well as the individual to come to a surplus as a whole. By using the abundance that the natural and social systems around us can offer, we don't need expensive and difficult solutions in order to be able to built an live in a sustainable way. Natural simplicity is the way to go. By intensively working together with our diverse group and also with our surroundings we will make external actors (project managers, housing corporations and the market as whole) superflous and so we can commit us to solidarity fo each other and the neighbourhood. All of this leads to a sustainable, social and affordable housing cooperative which can be resilient in reacting to new changes out of the environment. Thus a lasting household (permacultura).

Kwettenklepper Carmen tijdens een Torteldag
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