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De Torteltuin
a collective consisting of 25+ young urbanites who aim to realize a housing cooperative in or nearby Amsterdam.
Michiel & Ina kijken naar de planning van de Torteltuin
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De Torteltuin is a housing coop in development, which currently consists out of 25 young Amsterdammers who want to create social, sustainable and affordable housing where the coming 100 years 40 apartments will be rented out for a fair price.

After 2.5 years of work we have achieved a lot. We now have a preliminary design of the building, created the rules together for a good co-living and last but not least we have an option agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam for the development of a beautiful plot on IJburg.

The first costs for the architects are covered by a few sustainable subsidies of the government and the monthly contribution that every Tortel has paid since the beginning of the project. To continue to the next fase we though need to make more costs (think of technical and legal advisors, the architects for the final design), while we have not yet the possibility to get financed through the bank loan until the design is not yet finished. That is why we start with a one-time-only donation campaign (in a later fase we will also work with bonds). With your donation you help us not only to realise our dream, but also of anyone who will come to live with us in the next 100 years, and your are helping the broader movement of housing coops in Amsterdam. In total we need to collect the amount of 33.000,- € to continue to the next fase. The guiding rules for a donation are of course to donate what you can afford. Donate for instance1% of our campaign (330,- €), or 0,25% (82,50 €).

On Saturday September 10 we will present the design of our building made by Natrufied, at the festive kick-off of our crowdfunding campaign. Your are warmly invited, from 16:00-20:00 at our new office Nieuwland in the Dapperbuurt. Happy to see you then!

What is a "housing coöperative"?
Collectively owning en building housing
A housing cooperative is a coalition of people who desire to manage their own houses in a social way, guided by the needs of the collective. As members of a housing cooperative in formation, we will collectively buy a piece of land or an existing building, join forces in designing our new dwelling and again collectively build and maintain our property. An important aspect here is that on idealistic grounds no profit will be made at the cost of the tenants, that is, the members of the cooperative. In both Germany and Switzerland this form of housing is already widely deployed as a means to ease the pressure on the housing market, to help it become a little more healthy. The municipality of Amsterdam is now also active in this field, and sets out to realize 40.000 houses of the cooperative kind by 2040, making up about 10% of new construction up to that year. The recently published Actieplan wooncoöperaties clearly outlines the municipality's ambition in this matter.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Core values
Social sustainability
De Torteltuin is a prospering community, where both the material and the immaterial are being shared among its members. Decisions and policy are made in concurrence with the whole group, based on trust in one another. Every individual displays the responsibility and engagement necessary to contribute in his or her own way, with an outlook on one's own interest, as well as that of the group and its surroundings. The community achieves more than just internal stability, it reaches out to take on a positive role in the neighbourhood. We open our doors to local residents, and would like to be a platform for local creativity.
Environmental sustainability
De Torteltuin aims to be a positive factor for nature as much as for humans. A first requirement is therefore to minimize the negative impact on the environment, by using sustainable materials and techniques for construction, by designing the building to be as carbon dioxide-neutral as possible and by closing our cycles. Our goal is to achieve a high level of self-sustainability in our energy and food supplies, with maximum control over generation and production. Finally, we will create new spaces for nature, plants and animals.
De Torteltuin stands for everybody's right to a beautiful home. In a time in which housing costs are on the rise, we build for all income classes - from social to medium rent, all non-profit. As a community, we ensure a fair distribution of costs for basic facilities, and choose to invest our acquired capital with an outlook on solidarity. Together we have the financial means for material and immaterial resources that help us become who we want to be. By investing in a fund for cooperative housing communities, we can create a healthier housing market not just for our own, but also for future generations.
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